October 30, 2021

Far EasTone Collaboration with M.gear Revolutionizes 5G Network Deployment

Far EasTone Collaboration with M.gear Revolutionizes 5G Network Deployment

Taipei, Taiwan, August 25, 2023 - Far EasTone (FET), a leading mobile network operator (MNO) with over seven million subscribers in Taiwan, started on a transformative journey in 202X to upgrade its existing LTE network to 5G, with the goal of offering faster, more robust mobile broadband access to its subscribers.

Central to FET's strategic initiative was the implementation of multi-spectrum layer 5G mobile networks. This involved the integration of low-band spectrum with 2x2 MIMO to expand coverage and mid-band spectrum with 4x4 MIMO to enhance network capacity, both being key components of FET's 5G vision.

During this transition from 4G to 5G, FET encountered technical challenges that necessitated the integration of larger and potentially heavier antenna systems, leading to increased capital expenses for altering 40% of FET's targeted 5G network sites. Additionally, the repositioning of Active Antenna Unit (AAU) modules on tower sites posed operational and safety concerns during module disassembly. To address these challenges, FET partnered with M.Gear, an industry leader renowned for its expertise in antenna design, RF engineering, and cutting-edge hardware design and manufacturing.

Through collaborative efforts, FET and M.Gear focused on enhancing antenna array elements, achieving an eight-fold (8x) increase within FET's labs. This improvement, combined with utilization of higher frequency bands, resulted in expanded coverage, increased network traffic capacity, and improved Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio (SINR). A significant outcome in this collaboration was also the integration of M.Gear's advanced beamforming Massive MIMO technology. This integration led to a marked enhancement in FET's network performance, boosting overall SINR metrics and network efficiency.

"We were glad to be FET's partner in the early stage of their deployment and continue to support their 5G network expansion," said CC Peng, CEO of M.Gear. "Our teams continue to  work together to find new ways for how our 5G Massive MIMO antenna capabilities can anticipate and deliver superior 5G experiences for FET’s subscribers."

The collaboration between FET and M.Gear showcases the potential of collaboration and technological innovation in driving substantial advancements in high-performance Massive MIMO, multi-spectrum band layer 5G network deployments.

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