M.gear US offers a variety of solutions including antenna and RF device manufacturing services, wireless connectivity products and  manufacturing services, and RF device and module manufacturing solutions. M.gear US empowers connectivity solution providers and network operators across multiple industries, bringing simplicity to wireless communications with advanced technologies.

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We power the worlds wireless infrastructure

Outdoor Customer Premise Equipment
Industrial Router
RF Modules and IoT Subsystems
Vehicular and Marine Antennas
Unlicensed and ISM Band Antennas
Cellular (LTE, 5G) Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Antennas
Cellular (LTE, 5G) Network Antennas
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We know how to deliver your vision

From daily decisions to long-term planning, M.gear US sets the framework that guides you through every electronic manufacturing service (EMS), joint development manufacturing (JDM) or new product innovation (NPI) project. We enable you to maintain consistency, from the moment we begin a new project through its execution and completion for commercial delivery.

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Driving innovation that connects the wireless word

For more than 40 years, M.gear US has enriched our customers wireless connectivity products by designing and developing networking and telecommunication solutions that drive innovation and successful customer outcomes.

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