January 16, 2024

M.gear Joins Anterix Active Ecosystem Program with Utility Technology Innovators

M.gear Joins Anterix Active Ecosystem Program with Utility Technology Innovators

(Los Angeles, January 16, 2024) – Today Wha Yu Industrial Corporation (TPE 3419), operating as M.gear U.S. in the United States, announced that it has become a member of the Anterix Active Ecosystem (AAE) program.

M.gear’s AAE membership demonstrates a commitment to providing high-performance industrial private wireless solutions that support Anterix’s 900 MHz broadband spectrum. Leveraging its diverse white-label product line and its strengths in electronic manufacturing services (EMS), M.gear aims to support and enhance the deployment of utility private LTE networks operating in Anterix’s 900 MHz band.

Mr. CC Peng, CEO of M.gear, commented, "Joining the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program is a significant development for M.gear. We believe our wireless solutions, including routers and antennas, will bring choice, technology innovation, and value to utility private LTE network deployments.”

As the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, Anterix works closely with leading utilities and technology companies to harness the power of 900 MHz broadband for modernized grid solutions. By deploying private LTE broadband networks using 900 MHz spectrum, utilities are advancing their strategic goals for decarbonization, resiliency, safety, and reliability. Through AAE membership, M.gear aims to support these goals.

"Having M.gear US as part of our ecosystem program will certainly contribute to our shared objectives,” said Stephen Ryan, Vice President, Ecosystem and Partnerships at Anterix. “M.gear’s impressive lineup of 4G LTE wireless routers and antenna solutions for electric utilities, coupled with its more than 40 years of experience in cellular technology innovation, is a welcome addition to our Anterix Active Ecosystem program.”

As an Anterix Active Ecosystem Program member, M.gear aims to develop and provide innovative private wireless solutions tailored to the mission-critical grid modernization requirements of the U.S. utility sector through collaboration with Anterix.

About M.gear US and Wha Yu Industrial Corporation:

M.gear US, operated in the U.S. by Wha Yu Industrial Corporation (TPE 3419), specializes in RF sub-system products and is a pioneer in wireless technology solutions. Committed to driving innovation, M.gear U.S. offers a diverse range of wireless products that cater to the evolving connectivity needs of enterprises and industries. www.mgearus.com

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