June 1, 2023

Wha Yu Industrial Corporation dba M.gear US Appoints Mr. Casey Hu as VP Business Development and General Manager M.gear US

Wha Yu Industrial Corporation dba M.gear US Appoints Mr. Casey Hu as VP Business Development and General Manager M.gear US

Taipei, Taiwan - July 4, 2023 - Wha Yu Industrial Corporation (TPE 3419), operating under the name M.gear in the United States, announced today that it has hired Mr. Casey Hu as VP Business Development and General Manager for M.gear US. Mr. Hu will report to Wha Yu CEO CC Peng and play a pivotal role in leading and building new strategic growth and business development initiatives for M.gear US.

With his extensive experience and expertise in the industry, Mr. Hu will be responsible for overseeing the U.S.A. operations of M.gear US, including profit and loss responsibilities. He will build the requisite team and organizational capabilities for streamlined planning, execution, and solution delivery across all of M.gear US's business, operations, product, and sales functions. Mr. Hu will drive U.S. sales and provide support across key solution portfolio areas, which include Antenna and RF Solutions, Connectivity and Specialty IoT Solutions, and RF Device Manufacturing Services.

M.gear US's go-to-market focus centers around four key customer segments: Antenna Component Designers, Connectivity IoT, Manufacturers, and Distributors; provide solutions to  Mobile and Fixed Wireless Operators; Networking OEMs; Mobility Communications OEMs, as well as EMS Contract Manufacturers.

Prior to joining Wha Yu, Mr. Hu held various leadership positions at Sercomm Corporation, a globally recognized communications technology ODM solutions provider. With over 25 years of experience, his most recent role was Senior Director for Business Development USA. Throughout his career, Mr. Hu has been dedicated to advancing EMS, VoIP, broadband, IoT, and mobile connectivity solutions, and his customer-centric approach has earned him widespread industry credibility.

Wha Yu CEO, CC Peng, expressed confidence in Mr. Hu's capabilities, stating, "M.gear US is well positioned to enter the next phase of commercializing advanced antenna and IoT connectivity solutions, and having Casey join our leadership team as our new VP of Business Development and General Manager for the U.S branch office strengthens our market possibilities and influence. Casey brings considerable experience and knowledge in developing and selling communications network solutions for mobile operators and enterprise customers. He is uniquely qualified to drive M.gear US's commercialization, and I have tremendous confidence in his ability to be a catalyst in scaling up our business opportunities in the U.S."

Mr. Casey Hu, newly appointed VP of Business Development and General Manager of M.gear US, expressed his enthusiasm for joining the company, stating, "I am incredibly excited to join  the executive team as M.gear US pursues new growth opportunities in delivering next-generation connectivity solutions to U.S. customers. Having spent over 25 years bringing innovative communication and application solutions to the communications, home automation, and supply chain industry sectors, I see the critical opportunity and need for M.gear's antenna and IoT connectivity offerings, and I look forward to bringing our solution portfolio and EMS contract manufacturing services to the U.S. Wireless market."

With the appointment of Mr. Casey Hu, M.gear US is confident in its ability to expand its presence in the U.S. market and provide cutting-edge antenna and IoT connectivity solutions to its valued customers.

About M.gear US: it is a subsidiary of Wha Yu Industrial Corporation, is a leading provider of advanced antenna and IoT connectivity solutions. With a focus on delivering innovative products and services, M.gear USA caters to a wide range of industries, including Telecommunications, Wireless Networking, and Automotive.

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